API - Application Programming Interface


API stands for "Application Programming Interface" and enables a developper to access data of AVIATION-FUEL-PRICES.COM, for use in their application or service. The API, as the name says, provides an interface for data exchange, that allows communication between diffenren entities, which may be programmed in totally different languages.

The types of services the developper provides, could for example be computer or smart phone applications, as well as websites.


The data collected by AVIATION-FUEL-PRICES.COM bases to a large extent on input provided by users. We believe that there are other awesome services for pilots out there that may even enhance their user experience with the implementation of our data. And that's why we share our data for free under a Creative Commons license.

When all EFB apps and flight planning services collect fuel price data and only provide them to their own users, there will never be a nearly complete picture available anywhere. It is, therefore, desirable to centralice the data collection and make it accessable to everyone, who has a legitimate interest. That way other developers can focus more on the quality of their services, instead of also putting resources into collecting fuel prices.


If you are a developper and would like to use our API, you'll need to create a developper account with us. For that, please get in touch via the contact form.

Information on how to use the AVIATION-FUEL-PRICES.COM API is collected in the wiki section below.

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

API wiki


The API is accessable under "https://api.aviation-fuel-prices.com/v1.0/"

The use of the AVIATION-FUEL-PRICES.COM API requires an API-key. This key is unique to you and is required to authenticate yourself when accessing the API. Your API-key is generated for you upon opening a developer account. The key must be attached to every request you put to the API "...?api_key=XYZ"

Request latest prices at an airport

With the following command, you can request the lastes price information for any available fuel type at any airport in the database. You address your request to "latest-prices-at/" and provide an ICAO code after the slash.

As response, you'll receive an array "prices", which contains arrays for each available fuel type.

https://api.aviation-fuel-prices.com/v1.0/latest-prices-at/ICAO/?api_key=XYZ https://api.aviation-fuel-prices.com/v1.0/latest-prices-at/EDMA/?api_key=XYZ

JSON response:

{"prices":[ {"fuel_type":"AVGAS 100LL", "orig_price":"2.54", "orig_unit":"L", "orig_currency":"EUR", "EUR per L":"2.54", "USD per Gal":"11.45", "timestamp":"2021-03-12T12:08:24+00:00", "verified":"2021-03-18T12:10:55+00:00"}, {"fuel_type":"JET A-1", "orig_price":"7.84", "orig_unit":"Gal", "orig_currency":"EUR", "EUR per L":"2.07", "USD per Gal":"9.34", "timestamp":"2021-03-01T15:49:28+00:00", "verified":"2021-03-18T16:03:41+00:00"} ]}
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